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6 top tips for working from home

6 top tips for working from home. Creative blog by Very Vivid, Graphic Design & Web services Blackburn

Life has done a complete 160 on us all! The Coronavirus pandemic has really shuck things up for most people, whether it’s being furloughed, made redundant, coping with your own business, we’ve all had to adjust in so many ways. This can really come as a shock to your regular day to day routine, it can bring on feelings of stress and anxiety, uncertainty about the future or just pure boredom. It’s important to take a little time out every now and again and to focus on number one! Whether it’s relaxing with your favourite book, taking a stroll (locally of course) or just having a Zoom catch up with friends. Don’t forget to focus on the present.

Many of us have had to go from office life to home life overnight, and this can provide tricky to find that perfect routine that works! We’ve put together our 6 top tips for working from home, to help you feel more productive and mentally active!

  1. Plan your working day and stick to a routine
    Without a routine and plan of action the lines between work and personal time can start to become a little blurred. Each morning before you start your working day, pour yourself a cuppa, get comfortable and write down your plan for that day. Make it a mixture of work tasks and home tasks, and if needed, make time for that all important homeschooling! Having a list in front of you can really help keep your mind focused and on task. Without a plan of action distractions can easily disrupt your day!

  2. Design your work space around you!
    Having a dedicated work space can make all the difference to how your days go. Find a space that makes you happy and focused, ensure there’s natural light or even a small window so you can still enjoy the outside. Most importantly, make sure it is free from any distractions! (Easier said than done, we know!), but stay away from the TV or central busy rooms of the house. Make sure the space is designed around you, add a little plant or photo that makes you smile. Make it a sanctuary but also a productive space.

  3. Take a break!
    Starring at your screen for so long can really affect your working day. It’s essential to take short breaks throughout the day to rest your eyes and clear your mind! Taking a break can be extremely refreshing for the brain, you’ll come back to your desk full of motivation and new ideas. Whatever you do with your break time, make sure it’s still keeping the brain focused. Whether it’s taking a walk, doing a couple of stretches, a moment of meditation. No matter what, keep the brain focused!

  4. You’re not alone!
    When you’re working from home there’s moments that can feel extremely isolating. It’s important not to lose that connection with the outside world. Catch up with colleagues over a quick video call, remember, they’re in the same boat too! Have a little catch up on Social Media to say how everyone else is coping or organise a coffee morning over Zoom!

  5. Stay Positive and know that you’ve got this!
    Finding ways to be positive during these difficult times can be very hard to do. But keeping that positive mindset is vital to staying focused and on the track to success! Each day, take 5 minutes out to think about all the things in life you’re positive and thankful for. Write them down if that helps! For example, I’m extremely thankful for my Family and I’m positive that we’ll all get through this together. What’s one thing you’re thankful and positive of today?

  6. Don’t be too hard on yourself!
    Like the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Neither was adjusting to working from home life. It takes time for us to adjust to a completely new routine and way of life, don’t beat yourself up if there was a task on your to-do list that you didn’t manage to finish that day. There’s always tomorrow.

Remember, we’re all in this together and at the same time we all get affected in different ways. But there’s always someone you can turn to if you ever need help and advice. There’s amazing free services and charities out there that will listen to any worries you may have. For example CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) a fantastic Charity providing a mental health helpline. and webchat. Another fantastic local charity is Lancashire Women, they do amazing work to help support and advise anyone who may be dealing with stress and anxiety, money and debt issues or mental health. Don’t be scared to reach out for a little help.

So there’s our 6 top tips for working from home successfully! And don’t forget, we will all come out of this strong then before!

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