Everything you need to know about Instagram Guides

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Instagram’s new Guide feature has finally rolled out to most users and it’s a fantastic new Marketing tool that every page should be utilising!

This new feature provides the functionality to easily share and consume recommendations and tips in a sleek and informative format. It’s very much like having a blog section within your Instagram account.

Are you ready to learn more about this amazing new feature?

What are Instagram Guides?

Guides are a brand new way to share and consume content direct from Instagram! The feature allows users to follow a flow of posts along with commentary, a small journal if you would! It’s really great for sharing content about your brand, services, products. Create simple step-by-step guides for followers, tips, recommendations and more.

Instagram initially rolled out the Guide feature for only selected accounts, mainly a number of Health and Wellness advocates. But now, the great news, the feature has been rolled out to all users! Hooray!

Note: If you don’t have access yet, don’t worry, it’s on it’s way.. or, try updating your App and the feature may show.

How do I create an Instagram Guide?

Creating an Instagram Guide only takes a couple of steps, and if you have all the images and content to hand already then it’s a few minutes worth of a job! To create your first Guide, simply click the ‘plus’ symbol in the top right of your profile page.

You’ll then see a selection of different Instagram features, such as IGTV and Reels. Guide’s will show at the bottom of this list.

You’ll then be provided with 3 options for your Guide:

  • Places: Recommend places you’ve visited, perfect for travel bloggers!
  • Products: This is a fantastic feature for Instagram accounts with the Shop function. You can also find your favourite shop and recommend those products
  • Posts: Recommend posts you’ve created or posts you’ve saved

Each format is designed to suit the account/creator. For example, posts can be used to curate a thread of Instagram Posts.

It’s a perfect feature for telling a story or inspiring others.

Products can only be used if they are available through an Instagram Shop, however if you have this is place it’s such an ideal new feature for brands that are offering products through their Instagram account.

Every account should be taking full advantage of this new feature.

Where do I find Instagram Guides once I’ve published it?

Once you’ve created your first Guide, your profile will gain a new tab! Similar to the way Reels or IGTV works.

Another amazing feature is that you can share Guides to your stories, which is a great way of getting your followers to head over and check it out!

So there we go, happy Guide creating! Let us know what you think of Instagrams new Guide feature, will it benefit your page?

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