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Do you know how well your website functions?

Your website is visible, it’s attracting visitors, it’s generating sales.. great! But what if it’s not reaching it’s full potential?

Behind every website there’s tiny trolls continuously working away to ensure your website is live and working! However, you can’t just leave them and expect them to keep up the same performance 24/7! Maybe you simply don’t have the time and capacity to update your website or maybe you don’t know where to start?

We’re here to really help you get hold of your website again and feel confident that it’s functioning to it’s fullest potential. 

With our website audit we will go through all aspects of your website and give you feedback and advice for any areas we feel could be improved. It may be a design change, SEO improvements, Plugin recommendations, additional pages.. anything! We’ll also do a full speed test to see if your website could be performing quicker. It’s basically a full MOT for your website, and all for FREE!!

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