Is your Brand Summer ready?

Is your Brand Summer Ready? Graphic Designer Blog

Ok, so we’re already well into Summer and maybe it’s just because the sun is shining but it got me thinking, most businesses leave their brand on autopilot. A little like your wardrobe, you must update your brand on a regular basis.

We’ve still got the full month of August and start of September to consider, so it’s not too late to introduce a bit of Summer branding to your online presence across social media.

Here’s a few little tips how to get your brand Summer ready!

  1. Lose your brands ‘extra’ Winter weight. Get in shape for Summer. Take a “less is more” approach to your posts and graphics. Make it fresh and light, but still keep the engaging element. Take a look back, can followers/clients see outdated posts? Nothing says no one’s home more like a Christmas message still in easy sight!
  2. Consider your Summer colour palette. Add in some Summer shades to your existing brand core colours. It makes your brand fun and inviting, start introducing them into your graphics and posts. It may even catch the eye of someone who hasn’t visited before!
  3. Feel inspired by Summer! Take advantage of Summer themes and events, such as Holidays, festivals etc. Take a look at to see if there’s any up and coming national or international days you can jump on and promote. Some of these days are often to raise awareness for Charities which are always great to support!
  4. Be Summer visual! Sat out in the sunshine having a coffee before a meeting? Take a quick snap of your coffee in the sun! Being visual is vital, especially when it comes to Social Media. Instagram followers favour real photographs. Get your employees involved with snaps outside the office in the Summer sun and include an engaging (yet relevant) caption.
  5. You may need a holiday but your Brand doesn’t! We get it, it’s the most popular time for either yourself or employees to take a little break and escape! But that doesn’t mean your brand needs to either. Get ahead of the game, plan a steady stream of summer related content and schedule ahead!

The bottom line, with a bit of creativity and planning, Summer is the perfect opportunity to inject a bit of fun and boost engagement along the way. Top brands do it, so why don’t you!

Happy Summer!

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