About Very Vivid

Let us tell you a little more about Very Vivid, but where do we begin? We could literally write a book! Maybe we will one day! 

Very Vivid was born from a passion of all things design and technology, we have the drive to want to help other business owners thrive and succeed through great design and marketing. Let us tell you more…


At Very Vivid we pride ourselves on giving the best possible service but with a personal touch. For us, it’s all about strong relationships and connections that are built to last longterm. By forming these relationships our clients are always confident approaching us, whenever it’s needed!

With over 10 years experience we’ve gained all the skills required to offer dynamic designs and professional development that’s made to last. 

Over the years we’ve worked with such a variety of industry sectors, from Accountants, to product based brands, to large eCommerce businesses and more!

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